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Did you know that the average time-to-hire is over 20 days? With a process that long, you're likely missing out on top talent and losing valuable productivity. But what if we told you that you can hire faster without sacrificing quality?

Traditional hiring methods can be slow and inefficient, leading to missed opportunities and a prolonged time-to-hire. By applying agile techniques to your hiring process, you can streamline the process and find the right talent in less time. In this article, we'll reveal five practical ways to apply agile techniques to your hiring process.

5 Practical Ways to Apply Agile Techniques to Your Recruitment Process

1. Break work into tasks

Break down work into smaller, more manageable chunks to avoid getting overwhelmed. This approach enables team members to focus on each task and complete it efficiently without sacrificing quality or getting bogged down by the complexity of the larger stage.

For example, during the recruitment process, you could break down each stage, such as sourcing candidates, screening, interviewing, reference checks, onboarding, and creating job descriptions, into smaller tasks. 

2. Apply flexible workflows

Flexible workflows are a key component of agile methodology. Applying flexible workflows to the hiring process allows team members to adjust the process according to the job’s needs, without sacrificing the overall quality. 

For example, a recruiter can adjust their workflow to prioritize sourcing passive candidates during a slow job market.

3. Utilize Kanban boards

Kanban boards are visual tools that help teams manage their work. Applying Kanban boards to the hiring process allows team members to visualise the workflow and identify bottlenecks that may be slowing down the process. 

For example, With Hiringmaster’s visual dashboard recruiters can identify and addressing bottlenecks, to move the process quickly and efficiently.
Image: Kanban dashboard Hiringmaster

What Hiringmaster do?

HiringMaster is a hiring management tool that helps you operate your hiring as project management by simplifying the process into actionable tasks. You can track, collaborate, and visualise your hiring in real time, keeping away from messy spreadsheets.

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4. Think Continuous improvement

Agile methodology emphasizes continuous improvement. Applying this principle to the hiring process involves evaluating the hiring process regularly and identifying areas for improvement. 

For instance, if the time-to-hire is longer than expected, team members can identify ways to reduce the time spent on each stage of the process.

5. Use sprints to meet deadlines

Sprints are time-bound periods in which teams work on a specific set of tasks. Applying sprints to the hiring process involves setting goals and deadlines for each stage of the process. Using sprints can help speed up the hiring process by providing a structured approach to completing tasks and meeting deadlines.

For instance, you can set a sprint of two weeks for sourcing candidates, followed by a sprint of one week for screening, and so on. Incorporate candidate feedback loops

In short

  • By applying agile techniques to the hiring process, you can speed up hiring, reduce errors, and improve candidate experience. 
  • Agile principles provide a framework for building a more efficient and effective hiring process that can adapt to changing business needs. 
  • Tools like Hiringmaster are designed specifically for agile hiring - to streamline and automate hiring, reduce time-to-hire,  improve collaboration, and provide actionable insights for continuous improvement.

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